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Dr. Jacqueline Moulton, ND


Dr. Jacquie is part of the Hamilton Health & Wellness Center team of Naturopathic doctors. She brings with her an extensive background in pain management and a special interest for autoimmune conditions. 

Founder of The 4 Clear's Method protocol, an online program that clears up Autoimmune conditions so that you can stop struggling with your disease and start enjoying health freedom.

When she's not working in one of the three clinics (Hamilton and Caledonia) Dr. Jacquie and her hubby can be found off hiking or camping enjoying the outdoors with their newly arrived son.

Specialty Services include:

  • The 4 Clear's Method protocol for Autoimmune and Chronic Inflammatory Disease.

  • Specialty testing such as Live Blood Analysis Assessments,

  • Dutch Hormone testing,

  • GI MAP stool analysis & Food Sensitivity testing 

  • Acupuncture & Cupping manual treatments.

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