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Cupping Massage Therapy

Please note that our current cupping massage therapist Sarah Morgan is away on maternity leave and will be returning in February 2021. Our new massage therapist, Mallory Vezsenyi, occasionally uses silicone cups in some of her treatments if she feels it will be beneficial to your treatment!

This modality allows for a unique approach to the fascia (connective tissue) and body fluids. Cupping has an ability to affect deeper tissue, remove fascial restrictions and increase range of motion. Today it is considered an alternative therapy, but it is recognized by many nations and the World Health Organization as an effective treatment.


Our practitioners use plastic suction cups, they are safe and easily sterilized between every appointment. Cupping is a technique whereby a vacuum is created in a cup, drawing skin up into the cup and spreading the layers of superficial fascia.


The suction draws the blood (neovascularization) to the level of the skin. This causes new blood to rush below, removing stagnation. The client will likely be left with blood between the skin layers, called ecchymosis. These marks can last as long as 8 days- 2 weeks, but many of the marks last from a few hours to a couple of days. These marks are NOT BRUISES, a bruise is caused from impact on the tissue.



headaches, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff pain, trigger point pain, thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), strains/whiplash, IT Band syndrome, low back pain, sciatica, knee pain, patello- femoral syndrome, restless leg syndrome, plantar fasciitis, asthma and bronchitis, high blood pressure. 


Benefits of cupping massage are, increased range of motion, increased secretion of toxins (sebaceous matter, salts, water), increases blood flow to areas treated, softens scar tissue, better digestion, increased relaxation, decrease inflammation.

To book a Cupping Massage treatment simply book an appointment with Sarah Morgan RMT, it's always available just simply let her know you would like to try cupping.