Melanie Floyd, BSc, CHN


I believe great health can be achieved by all and that there is an optimal lifestyle for everyone. I aim to help people holistically by taking into account their physical, mental and spiritual state. I believe that it is important for these three factors to be in balance in order to achieve optimal health and wellness. 


My interest in life sciences drove me to obtain a degree in biology at York University and I pursued a previous career in cytology as a cytotechnologist.  Over the years my love for food and nutrition prevailed, and I greatly respect the ability of nutrition to provide energy and the power to heal for the body.


As a graduate from The Durham School of Health and Nutrition, I now find a joy in linking both my experience and education in cell biology and nutrition.  I desire to help people make the connection between the importance of food and health, and how certain foods can promote either the absence or presence of disease. 

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