Crystal and Reiki Healing are forms of energy medicine that work within the energy field to promote relaxation and peace. Reiki is Universal Life Force energy which is Love. We are all Universal Life Force energy and working with this modality allows us to be in alignment with the Universal Flow of energy. This enhances the bodie's innate healing abilities and allows us to connect to who we truly are. Crystals work with the energies of the Earth to help us connect to our true roots. Working with the energies of the Earth also helps ground us so that we can feel more in tune with our physical body.

These modalities have been around throughout history but are now being more recognized and used around the world in modern day society. These healings work with Loving energy and remind you that you are Love. Common areas people choose to work on are relieving stress, calming the mind, connecting to our inner or spiritual self, gaining clarity, receiving inspired guidance, enhancing our relationship with time, remembering to choose positive thinking, and many, many more.


At the beginning of each session, we have a consultation to determine what healing is best suited for you. After the session, you will receive feedback and guidance so that you can move forward in your life!

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