What is Fuzion Yoga:

Fuzion Yoga is a Hatha Yoga Class designed to help calm the body, mind, and soul. This yoga practice involves breathing techniques, yoga poses and meditation. Studies have shown that with regular Hatha Yoga practice, it helps to reduce stress, supports healthy habits, improves emotional health, eases arthritis pain, and helps with weight loss. These classes can provide an opportunity to help our bodies wind down, release tension, and provide a good counterpoint to both body and physical activity. This practice can be for anyone who is looking to start a yoga practice to someone that is looking for more advanced practice. Everybody is welcome. I look forward to making you feel your best physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Private classes are 60-90 minutes depending on how the session goes! The price remains the same regardless.

Please note that yoga mats, towels and accessories are not provided at this time, so please bring your gear!

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