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"My child is defiant!" Is this something you often say when your child is not listening? It can be hard to remember that children can feel big emotions that are confusing for them. Sometimes, communicating can become so difficult that children resort to yelling, hitting, hurting themselves or others, or getting into trouble at school – all in an effort to try and talk to us. Once you tie in any difficulties you are having with your partner, and – just like that – your life becomes even more stressful. Parenting is hard as is, and sometimes relationships can bear the brunt of what is going on. If you and your partner want to work on your communication with each other, don’t hesitate to reach out.


I work from a trauma-informed lens, which means that I create a safe space for my clients and that I can help you find ways to communicate what your story is. With the use of approaches like narrative therapy, solution-focused therapy and attachment-based therapy, I will help you understand your child or your partner, and the way they communicate.

Please note that due to spacing, each family session has a maximum of 3 clients per visit. Also note that Yasmine only sees children 10 and over.