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Nancy Bowe, M.OMSc


Prior to graduating with a Masters in Osteopathic Manual Sciences from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, I earned a degree in Theatre Design (1994) and a diploma in Costume Studies (2002).  For over 20 years I worked in theaters across Canada, before embarking on a new career path.

I have experience training as a competitive swimmer, runner, and a triathlete. I have also trained in Crossfit and for several years had a daily Ashtanga yoga practice. Today, I continue to swim and run, and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle.

As a lifelong athlete, I am familiar with the effects of training on the body, and the limitations of traditional medical approaches in addressing physical pain and the complexities of injury and recovery. I found my way to Osteopathy after traditional modalities failed to meet my needs. As a patient, I found the practice of Osteopathy beneficial, bringing relief to my pain, and allowing me to return to my training. As a practitioner, my love for working with people, combined with my desire to help patients return to a functional quality of life, changed my path from the Arts to the Sciences. 

Osteopathic Manual Therapy can help relieve the symptoms of injury and chronic pain, as well as a wide range of other health problems. I use my knowledge of anatomy to effectively treat my patients as individuals in a safe, accepting and secure setting.

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