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Jennifer Fleming, RMT


I’ve been in practice since 2009 and have watched my professional work grow and change from a seed to a thriving career. Since the beginning my interest has been on the relationship between stress, health, and pain and I have sought to understand how touch helps us cope with the adversity life gives us. Eventually I turned my attention to trauma and it’s impacts on health and well-being, with a particular interest in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their relationships to adult health and thriving. Being an adult survivor with a sleeve full of ACEs has lead me to a commitment to working with populations living at the intersections of mental and physical health associated with surviving traumatic experiences in the past. 


Three of my core values are bodily autonomy, social responsibility, and intellectual integrity. 

Professionally I express these values through Evidence Based Practice, grounding my treatment planning in the best available evidence I can access. Watching the pandemic unfold over 2020 and 2021 showed me how important a skill set it is to be able to discern good information from that which is problematic. This lead me to adopting new ways of working to follow public health mandates such as masking and sanitation, and to get vaccinated in full against Covid 19. 


My work as an RMT is guided by the core principles of Trauma-Informed Care; collaborative treatment planing and decision making, safety and trust, clear communication of boundaries, strengths-based growth plans, and an active resistance of traumatization or re-traumatization. 

You can contact me directly if you have any questions via email at

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